[FFmpeg-user] Dedicated ubuntu ffmpeg trancoder, performance

Podium B.V. mailinglist at podiumbv.nl
Thu Jan 17 13:15:46 CET 2013

Hi all,

* does anyone have experience with a motherboard and 2 "real" CPU's ?

We intend to build a dedicated "ubuntu ffmpeg trancoder", which has to 
be as fast a
possible. The reason, we do live registrations of (sport) events and 
want to transcode
the raw video dump, Prores 422 SD or HD, to h.264. Almost every time 
it's only one
or two files which are giant! (between 40 and 90Gb in SD :-)

The idea:

motherboard: "Supermicro X9DA7" with 2 times "Intel Core i7 3930K".
So 2 times six cores is a total 12 cores and 24 threads...

* But is this really, 2 times, faster then a board with only one "i7 
3930K" ?
* Or is there maybe a max to the CPU power ?
* (Or is just the I/O the next "problem" ?)

Kind regards!

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