[FFmpeg-user] (Still) Get a tearing noise by using filter asyncts

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Jan 17 16:08:36 CET 2013

Frank Häfemeier <ffmpeg <at> frank.haefemeier.eu> writes:

> ffmpeg -benchmark -y -i noise-test-sample.ts  -map 0:0 
> -preset slow -tune psnr -crf 18   -map 0:1 -filter:a:0
> volume=2.037,asyncts=first_pts=0 -ac:1 2 -b:a:0 256000
> noise-test-asyncts.mp4

Sorry, I completely missed that you are not using 
the (supported) filter aresample but instead the 
deprecated and unsupported filter asyncts.
(There is already a bugreport about the outdated 
documentation, ticket #2036)

(Note that since the filter is not built by default 
I still assumed nobody would actually use it.)

Apologies, Carl Eugen

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