[FFmpeg-user] AVC / AAC 2 passes , Incomplete MB-tree stats file. message

jacky renaux.jacky at orange.fr
Wed Jan 23 17:56:53 CET 2013

Le 22/01/2013 11:51, Carl Eugen Hoyos a écrit :
> jacky <renaux.jacky <at> orange.fr> writes:
>> then is this deactivate audio not any more valid ?
>> I did it since 3 years (h263) with succes
> If your command lines work with the given sample with
> an older version of FFmpeg, this would be a serious
> regression, please provide the sample (or find the
> change introducing the regression).
> Carl Eugen
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Hi Carl
back to the issue
I did this batch
set lcmdv1=    -vcodec libx264  -profile:v main  -b:v 350k -r:v 25 -s 
720x576 -aspect 4:3  -threads 0 -pass 1
set lcmdv2=    -vcodec libx264  -profile:v main  -b:v 350k -r:v 25 -s 
720x576 -aspect 4:3  -threads 0 -pass 2
set lcmda1=    -an
set lcmda2=    -acodec libvo_aacenc -ab 48k -ar 22050 -ac 1
ffmpeg -i video.vob  %lcmdv1% %lcmda1% -y test_h264_aac.flv
ffmpeg -i video.vob  %lcmdv2% %lcmda2% -y test_h264_aac.flv   2> test.log

on differents VOB and AVI files
all is running fine (first pass withour audio)
BUT only fail for VOB file which does not start with keyframe
in this case the pass 1 must include audio stream

does it help ? , as there is a solution there is not hurry


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