[FFmpeg-user] Share stream to different devices

Navin Math hinavinmath at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 05:44:04 CET 2013

I am sharing  4 min min song, barbie.mp3.
Consider, I have started ffserver and ffmpeg. and started sharing
(barbie.mp3). I will start the ffplay in first system(computer), I can
listen the song. consider song is reached now  1.00 min
When I start ffplay in second output device (one more computer) and i can
 hear the song and it starts from 0 th sec.

But what I wanted is, I want to hear the song from the first min (1 min) in
the second device too, because the first device reached till 1 min already.

So my requirement is, whenever a new ffplay is started, i want to start
stream to the location where the first ffplay is playing now.

I mean i want to share the same stream to all.


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