[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg filter problems with ffserver

Marek Brodziak marek.brodziak at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 16:42:59 CET 2013


I'm trying to combine 2 webcams into a single stream, and it seems
that the following works fine with ffplay:

ffplay -video_size 640x240 -f v4l2 -i /dev/video1 -vf
"movie=/dev/video0:f=v4l2 [in1]; [in]pad=iw*2:ih:iw:0[in0]; [in0][in1]
overlay=0:0 [out]"

however the same syntax for ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -video_size 640x240 -f v4l2 -i /dev/video1 -vf
"movie=/dev/video0:f=v4l2 [in1]; [in]pad=iw*2:ih:iw:0[in0]; [in0][in1]
overlay=0:0 [out]" http://localhost:8090/webcam.ffm

outputs only a single stream to the ffserver.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Linking to any documentation on this would be really helpful.


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