[FFmpeg-user] Help: transform 'asyncts=first_pts=0' into new 'aresample' filter

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Sun Jan 27 10:53:21 CET 2013

Frank Häfemeier <ffmpeg <at> frank.haefemeier.eu> writes:

> The conclusion is, I need more tests, how to configure 
> the filter to get the correct result for my issues.

Sorry if I missed (or forgot) an email, but 
did you explain the "issues"?


> The library is enabled and asyncts is available, 
> but creates some tearing noise at the beginning 
> of the video (see my posting 'Get a
> tearing noise by using filter asyncts').

This is (one of) the reason why this filter is not 
supported afaict.

Carl Eugen

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