[FFmpeg-user] Making streams "non-default"

shashchatterjee at aim.com shashchatterjee at aim.com
Sun Jan 27 18:27:23 CET 2013

 Hi Carl,

First off, I do not have any idea what top-post means, or how I do it or not do it.  Please explain, have no intention of being rude.  DO you mean including the previous post (I have deleted that now).

Looking at issue 1815, if I understand correctly, even if 1815 is fixed for mkv, since m2ts has no concept for default/forced flags, ffmpeg still wouldn't be able to automatically set that here.  Makes sense, that as you say, the options would have to be manually set for each stream separately, and that is how HandBrake is operating as well.

Are there any plans to include command line options to set default flags (it also needs to be done for video and audio streams, looks like, when going for m2ts to mkv)?  For now, I will only copy the one subtitle stream I need.





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