[FFmpeg-user] how do I set configuration the H264/MPEG4 in decoding?

SON NAM RYE nrson at win4net.com
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SON NAM RYE <nrson <at> win4net.com> writes:

> Whenever I have compiled the ffmpeg, sizes of created files are 
> different.

You mean if you compile the same FFmpeg version twice, the resulting
binaries have different sizes? That would indeed be surprising.

Or do you mean that if you compile different versions of FFmpeg, you get
different output files? That is expected.

>>>>> I mean just configuration setting in compiling. 

> In testing, memory occupancy and cpu performance are different 
> according to those.

For different versions, that is to be expected.

> I just want to decode H264 and MPEG4. How do I set configure?

You can try the following:
./configure --disable-everything --enable-decoder=h264,mpeg4

But I am not sure if I understand your question:
Do you only want to use the library (that is what your question implies) or
do you want to use the ffmpeg executable (but only to decode a limited set
of files)?

>>>>>>>> I want to use the library.

If that is what you want, note that you also have to define the allowed
demuxers, and that parsers may also be necessary.

>>>>>>> How do I define allowed demuxers, and that parsers?

Carl Eugen

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