[FFmpeg-user] pad filter of odd amounts

Jeremy Greene greenejeremya at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 13:47:07 CET 2013

> > I see that there's a bug, "padding to odd/uneven size fails", #1618
> > and wondering if there's any update on it?
> In truth that's not a bug, if the chroma components are compressed you
> can't cut at odd sizes (same for crop). You may need to convert to
> YUV444.

Well, from the point of view of expected external functionality, I still
think it's a bug.
Yes, I did look at it and could easily modify vf_pad.c to move the luma, but
not so easy to do the chroma. Either conversion to rgb or 444 would be
needed for that as you point out. As it turns out, for what I'm presently
doing, getting the luma moved is all  I need, so I'm ok at this point. 
It doesn't look too hard to special case odd pixel movement (doing the
needed conversions), but not sure I have the time right now.


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