[FFmpeg-user] convert mp3 to 3gp or MP4

Keith Beaumont beaumont_k at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 6 12:50:54 CEST 2013

I found MePlayer for Android. It's brilliant. Allows me to scroll through movies using subtitle files (.SRT).
So, I can replay sentences from the movie many times. Great for learning a foreign language.
BUT, I have the FSI Portuguese Course with many MP3/SRT files. MePlayer won't show the subtitles! I mailed the developer, but no reply so far.
So I would like to fool MePlayer. Is there a simple way with ffmpeg to convert MP3 to MP4 or 3GP in batch mode?
I tried WMovieMaker and then AllConverter. I combined a jpeg with an MP3 file. This worked, but the process is slow, tedious and created a huge output file (mp3=900k, MP4=9MB !!)
Hope you can help,

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