[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg problem in Mac

Vladimir Espinosa Angarica vladimir at espinosa-angarica.com
Thu Jun 13 23:33:18 CEST 2013


   I'm having a quite odd problem with FFmpeg in Mac. I'm running Mac OS X
10.8.3 and installed the latest version of FFmpeg 1.2.1 through Macports
and I'm having problems generating a video from a group of PNG images. The
video is generated, apparently without functioning complaints (please see
the log attached) but nothing is shown when you try to open the video,
exactly the video viewer is able to open it, and play it, but only a black
window is shown. But probably the bigger oddity is that, three months ago,
probably with a previous version of FFmpeg, I was able to create the video
without problems. Please I would really appreciate any inputs on this



PS: Here I send the links to a compressed folder containing the PNG images
used in trying to generate the video (
the corrupted video itself (
and the correct video (
as it was generated some months ago
PSS: In my other Linux machines I'm still able to generate the video
without problem, but there the FFmpeg build is completely different
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