[FFmpeg-user] CentOS Precompilation of FFmpeg Anywhere ?

tk tk at browngate.com
Fri Jun 14 13:25:17 CEST 2013


I apparently need FFmpeg so I can view movie files on the Gallery 3 web 
My hosting company uses CentOS for the Linux server that my space is on.

Is there a pre-compiled version of FFmpeg for CentOS anywhere ?
I looked around the web but all I saw was instructions on compiling it 
or else a load of old dead/empty links to efforts done years ago . . .

Any pointers welcome.
But I myself cannot compile the sources since I'm running Windows on my PC
and putting in CentOS with Virtual Box disk division is all too much 
like work -
especially after the frustration of getting Gallery 3 installed.
I do not know the exact version number of CentOS that my host uses but 
I'd be
fairly confident that it is recent.



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