[FFmpeg-user] Adding Subtitles Problem...

Mike Kavanagh mike.kavanagh at netpipe.biz
Mon Jun 17 17:51:52 CEST 2013



I am trying to put subtitles into a video (doing this for the first time) -
I have referred to a number of ffmpeg-users posts and threads and have come
up with a ffmpeg command that seems to be appropriate (see the attached
ffmpeg log file) but it fails to display any subtitles when I play the
output using either ffplay or wmp.


Here is the command:


C:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg  -i
C:\grails\workspace\rel_3.1.0\HomeVu1\web-app\HomeVu1\Work\MKTEST.mp4 -i
test.srt -scodec mov_text \

-y C:\grails\workspace\rel_3.1.0\HomeVu1\web-app\HomeVu1\Work\MKTEST_ST.mp4


The source video does not contain any subtitles, as I am expecting them to
be feed in afresh from the srt file - am I right in thinking an srt file can
be created as an ascii file? 


Here is the  test.srt file I created manually that I am working with:




Hello World!



Goodbye now!



Thanks in anticipation.





Mike Kavanagh - Tel: 01753 884650 / 07970 027252



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