[FFmpeg-user] Timecode Burnin with negative start

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> Am 19.06.2013 00:16, schrieb Wayne Poll:
>> You could try starting the T/C at 23:59:56:00  :-)
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>> Halle Everyone!
>> I need to make a timecodeburnin to a video and add a 4sek pre-roll. I was 
>> able to do the burnin, but the timecode needs to be zero at the first 
>> frame after the pre-roll. Is there any way to start the timecode at a 
>> negative time and count up? So that the timecode starts at 
>> "-00:00:04:00". Is that possible?
>> Thanks!
>> >>
> I really liked that idea, simple yet elegant... sadly, ffmpeg keeps 
> counting up, even at 99:59:56:00 ffmpeg jumps to 100:00:00:00...
> But thanks for the idea!

You could try Avisynth, perhaps you have better luck there.
What definitly would work (with a bit more hassle, use bitmaps with alpha 
(perhaps using a conditional reader, or whatever you need to get them in the 
correct order) and Avisynth.
Or, do it the traditional way, and put a leader clip before the show.


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