[FFmpeg-user] how to include h264 support for ffserver (Unknown VideoCodec: h264)

Soho Soho123 soho123.2012 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 05:20:16 CET 2013

>> then, in ffserver.conf,
>> "Videocodec h264", as my understanding, it means : tell ffserver the
>> encoder that video data used, right?
>> and ,
>> "Format asf", it means : tell ffserver to mux video data in asf format
>> then send out to remote client, right?
>> So,
>> my problem,  the output below:
>> I can see h264 has been include, but it still can not work.
> You cannot encode to H264 without libx264. I'm going to keep saying
> variants of this throughout the email, you have been told it several
> times, but it doesn't seem to sink in.
>> Do you have idea?
>> # ffmpeg -codecs|grep 264
>>  D.V.LS h264
> This output shows all codecs, and lists what capabilities the codec
> has (the "D.V.LS"). The key is in the output you grepped out:
> Codecs:
>  D..... = Decoding supported
>  .E.... = Encoding supported
>  ..V... = Video codec
>  ..A... = Audio codec
>  ..S... = Subtitle codec
>  ...I.. = Intra frame-only codec
>  ....L. = Lossy compression
>  .....S = Lossless compression
> So your "h264" codec supports decoding of video, and can decode lossy
> and lossless. It does not support encoding of video to H264. This is
> because you have not built ffmpeg with libx264.

My question is:
even h264 has included , but when I set "VideoCodec h264" in ffserver.conf.
ffserver says "Unknown VideoCodec: h264",
Do you have idea?

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