[FFmpeg-user] patch needed to statically link pthread?

YIRAN LI mrfun.china at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 06:05:42 CEST 2013

Hi friends,

I'm building ffmpeg in MingW with --enable-pthread.

I followed instructions on Internet but still found generated ffmpeg dlls
dynamically links to pthreadGC2.dll

What I tried was:

downloaded pthread-w32 2.9.0

$ make clean GC-static

cp libpthreadGC2.a /mingw/lib/libpthread.a
cp pthread.h sched.h semaphore.h /mingw/include

and then configure ffmpeg with

But when I opened generated avcodec.dll, I found that it stills needs

I remember I saw somewhere said ffmpeg may need a patch to static link to
pthread, the ffmpeg version I'm working on is 2.0.1. Does any one know if a
patch is needed for this version? and if yes, could anyone provide such a

Great thanks!

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