[FFmpeg-user] Convert to mp4, video not found or access denied (libx264 and libfaac)

Robin Maximus rmaximus839 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 12:21:01 CEST 2013


I'm using FFmpeg works with old version and installed the newest version,
and all seems to work fine. But I did several test  and still cannot
convert eg: .flv or .wmv to .mp4

My FFmpeg version is now: ffmpeg-2.0.1

the error message is : video not found or access denied

libx264 and libfaac are installed,
Please can you assist, this is the line code used:

$cmd=”*$ffmpeg -i $videofile -vcodec libx264 -acodec libfaac test.mp4*“;

Please can you help me out. Ts

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