[FFmpeg-user] multithreaded filter line

Mike chronek at interia.eu
Fri Sep 13 19:19:35 CEST 2013


  I want ask if ffmpeg have something like multithreaded filter line
(sorry, my english is bad)
  I will explain,
  Usually if i set threads to 8 , and have something like source -> 
filters (postprocessor,scale,unsharp,gradfun) -> output i see only one 
core of cpu is busy , and get like 2 fps on hi-res videos ... So is a 
way to automaticly split video and use more cores? I know that i can do 
it manually , but maybe there is build in option for that?
  If is not yet ill post wish on bugtracker cause i think it would be 
helpfull for some cases.


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