[FFmpeg-user] DVCPRO50 PAL decoding oddity - light line in top row

Sal Kennedy mugfunky at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 09:03:24 CEST 2013

hey all.  first up please spare the flames as i'm not a regular newsgroup
user and have come very late to this kind of forum.

i've been following ffmpeg git rather religiously - following github on my
RSS reader etc.  hence i'm running the current git version.

anyway, i have what appears to be a long standing decode bug with dvvideo.
 as DVCPRO50 is not commonly used, it's no surprise.

depending on possibly brightness and complexity of the top row of
macroblocks, i get a sort of horizontal line.  it's only the top row, but
it's quite visible in the right conditions.

i can upload a sample if need be - i was hoping to be able to generate a
lightweight file that demonstrates this, but artificial signals haven't
reproduced this issue so i just clipped a bit out of a master file.  may
the copyright gods forgive me...

i also have x264 proxies that reflect the problem - one encoded out of
premiere pro, showing how it should look, and one encoded straight from the
DVCPRO50 source that shows the problem.

i've read the bug submitting advice, however any command line will
reproduce this so long as it has dv5p as a source.



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