[FFmpeg-user] How to associate a palette to DVD subtitle ?

Thierry Lelegard thierry at lelegard.fr
Thu Sep 19 19:42:04 CEST 2013

Thank you Nicolas, I did not see this one.

I will code the palette extraction from the IFO and I will try this
option in the ffmpeg command I generate.

Sorry if this question seems silly, but is the command line syntax simply:

  ffmpeg .. -i file -palette "xxxxxx,xxxxxx,..,xxxxxx" ...

Does ffmpeg recognize that -palette applies to the dvdsub decoder or is
there anything else to add?

Thanks for your help.

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> Le jour du Génie, an CCXXI, Thierry Lelegard a écrit :
> > I am looking for a way to make ffmpeg use or guess the correct
> > palette. Is
> > there any?
> There is a "palette" option to the dvdsub decoder. It has the same
> syntax as
> the "palette:" line in VOBSUB IDX files: a comma-separated list of 16
> 24 bits RGB values. It should do the trick.
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