[FFmpeg-user] Possible issue with asf muxer

Massimo Battistel battistel at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 14:58:27 CEST 2014

I'd like to know if you've been able to reproduce the issue.

Additional information: I've seen that intermission2.asf has a very bad
interleaving, something like:

(V=video packet, A=audio packet)
than half of file. Then in the end it turn into normality VAVAVAVA....

Remuxing the file into asf again reorders packets correctly.
(VAVAVAVAV...till the end).

ffmpeg -i intermission2.asf -c copy intermission3.asf

let me know,

2014-04-03 18:34 GMT+02:00 Massimo Battistel <battistel at gmail.com>:

> I tested this command line (without -ac 2 -ar 48000 -f asf)
>> with your sample and the output file plays fine with WMP
>> (and vlc) afaict.
> I've tested the same command line (the one without -ac 2 -ar 48000 -f asf)
> with latest ffmpeg Zeranoe builds and vlc and I still see the issue (both
> ffplay and vlc 2.1.3, wmp is fine).
> Video freezes for the first 8 seconds.
> My platform is Windows 7 64bit.
> How does converting the output file with ffmpeg work?
> I don't understand. Can you elaborate?
> Thanks,
> MB

Massimo Battistel.

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