[FFmpeg-user] Generating HLS stream with ffmpeg programmatically

Szabolcs Balogh bszabolcs at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 10:44:06 CEST 2014


I'm trying to convert an mp4 file to HLS stream (*.ts files + *.m3u8 file)
on Android using ffmpeg through Android NDK.

If specified the output file as "index.m3u8" and the output format as
"hls". I also specified "hls_time" and "hls_list_size" using
av_opt_set_int. It works properly and generates the *.ts files and the m3u8
file. My problem is, that the m3u8 file contains only the segment name.

But I need something like:


I tried to specify "segment_list_entry_prefix", but it seems that it has no
effect for hls. I checked the source code, and there is no such parameter
for hls.

How can I specify a full URL for the segment name in the m3u8 file?

Thanks in advance,
Szabolcs Balogh

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