[FFmpeg-user] AVFoundation under Mac OS 10.7.5

Tobie Horswill thorswill at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 29 02:43:11 CEST 2014


I've checked the config.log file although I can't say I knew exactly what I was looking for... Didn't see anything explicitly wrong regarding AVFoundation but I did notice a few error messages about header files not being found such as 'features.h', 'newlib.h', '_mingw.h', etc. Relevant?

Here is a link to the file (I couldn't attach it, too large)



> Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 14:13:59 +0200
> From: thilo.borgmann at mail.de
> To: ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org
> Subject: Re: [FFmpeg-user] AVFoundation under Mac OS 10.7.5
> Am 24.04.14 19:52, schrieb Tobie Horswill:
>> I'm having difficulties getting the new AVfoundation input device working
>> under Mac OS X 10.7
>> I've rebuilt from the latest source which includes the AVFoundation additions
>> with --enable-indev=avfoundation but I still get an : Unknown input format
>> 'avfoundation' whenever I try to use it.
>> I gather this should work under OS X 10.7+ correct?
> Yes.
>> I unfortunately can't run
>> Mavericks on this computer.
>> Any input is welcome.
> Check your config.log, it will most likely be a compiler/framework header issue.
> If you can't try another (or updated) compiler, you might be able to switch to
> the qtkit input device, still functional up to 10.9.
> If in doubt you should make your config.log available for us to see.
> -Thilo
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