[FFmpeg-user] Reversed order of video audio after audio merging (0:0 audio, 0:1 video)

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Jun 2 14:01:59 CEST 2014

Christoph Gerstbauer <christophgerstbauer <at> gmail.com> writes:

> > Seeking in large files with WMP fails sometimes,
> > indicating that (afaict) something is wrong with
> > the ODML index.
> Yes, this bug I know:
> The problem happens every time when the AUDIO DATA 
> in the AVI is bigger than 2 Gigabytes

This is another bug.

> which ffmpeg version 2.1 the problem is gone.

Sorry: Is there this (other) bug or not?
I don't understand...

If you do "huge tests" and you find problems and 
you do not report them, it is unlikely that they 
get fixed. Do you agree?


I had not realized you can use ffv1 in avi with 
third party applications. You have explained that 
it works fine and I did - iirc - answer that I 
understand now (but not before).

> So, to get the things straight,
> the main bugs are:
> 1.) ODML index wrong (when audio is bigger than 2gb?)

As said, please elaborate.
Iiuc, you write above that this is not reproducible.

> 2.) Interlaced Flag is always set to progressive

Please point me to the report.

> Correct?

> And There is no bug which will cause loosing video 
> or audio information (content damage). 
> Is that correct?

You have to read the GPL and the LGPL again.
(Yes, this is extremely important, your question 
implies to me that you did not understand its 
implications for you as a user.)

Carl Eugen

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