[FFmpeg-user] Ffmpeg Installation with H264 fails - ERROR: libfdk_aac not found SOLVED

mark_a_lee-abeng at yahoo.ca mark_a_lee-abeng at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 5 21:07:18 CEST 2014

OK, I'm happy as a lark. The problem(s): while the processor is 64 bit and Linux kernel is 64, the Debian stallation is 32. Some of the downloaded libraries and GCC were begahing like 64 bit. I therefore had to install a 32 bit GCC to correctly compile the libraries and in the case of libx264, copy the old headers and libraries from /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu to the ffmpeg_build directory since the i386 folder wasn't being searched.

Lesson to new installers: ensure full compatibility between OS and hardware, and OS and ffmpeg before starting.

Now no more pesky messages about ffmpeg being deprecated and to be removed blaa bla bla.


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