[FFmpeg-user] Video with copyright

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sat Jun 7 11:20:05 CEST 2014

Le septidi 17 prairial, an CCXXII, Massimo Battistel a écrit :
> packet|pts=31387600|dts=31387600|duration=1024
> frame|pkt_pts=31387600|pkt_duration=1024|nb_samples=1024
> packet|pts=31388624|dts=31388624|duration=1023
> frame|pkt_pts=31388624|pkt_duration=1023|nb_samples=1024
> packet|pts=31389647|dts=31389647|duration=1024
> frame|pkt_pts=31389647|pkt_duration=1024|nb_samples=1024

There you are: duration=1024 != nb_samples=1024.

I have no idea how it could arrive in your file. And I have no idea why
-async produces invalid output when trying to squish one lone sample, but at
least it is a start point to understand the problem.


  Nicolas George
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