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Roger Pack rogerdpack2 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 15:09:00 CEST 2014

I'm having trouble helping somebody to convert RGB0 [full spectrum] input
into basically "lossless" libx264.  Is this even possible?  There seems to
be some loss even using yuv444p I'm not sure why.

libx264rgb can be lossless and does work.

Is this a "lost" [pun intended] cause? Is the purpose of libx264rgb to
avoid this problem?
Would 10 bit libx264 possibly help, anybody think?
Just wondering so I can do a write up of this on the wiki.

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You can check it out in the SCR-AccentColors.psd file mentioned above.

To summarize the findings, I would say:

   - x264 veryslow vs. ultrafast doesn't make any difference
   - x264's default colorspace setting is yuv420p
   - x264's yuvj420p, yuv444p and yuv420p are all different. Probably
   yuvj420p is the best, yuv444p is the worst, but it is subjective, since
   they are all lossy.
   - swsflags doesn't make a difference when using with x264
   - x264's colormatrix makes a difference, bt709 is the default, YCgCo is
   totally wrong
   - only huffyuv and x264rgb could produce color-perfect results

I agree, theoretically yuv444p should be lossless (or at least much better
than yuv420p), but it isn't..

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