[FFmpeg-user] Hooking into MOOV atom move process

Eugene Gekhter egekhter at pixcel.com
Fri Jun 27 15:14:25 CEST 2014


Does anybody know how to hook into this process from Linux command line?

Basically, to enable users to start streaming a video before downloading
the whole file, after encoding a h.264 video file, the MOOV atom needs to
be moved from the end of the file to the beginning of the file. Since we
move the file to its final destination right after encoding is finished so
the user can start using it right away, the whole movie gets corrupted if
the MOOV atom has not been properly moved. I initially put in a 5 second
sleep then a 30 second sleep into the script, but that is not a blanket
solution so I need to figure out a way to hook into the end of the moov end

I hope somebody has a simple solution to this problem.

Thank you,

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