[FFmpeg-user] converting .mov(MJPEG) to web optimized .mp4(h264)

Henk D. Schoneveld belcampo at zonnet.nl
Mon Jun 30 10:00:22 CEST 2014

On 30 Jun 2014, at 09:15, Amila Perera <perera.amila at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> This is my first mail on this thread.
> I need to convert .mov(MJPEG) to .mp4(h264) so that the .mp4 file can be
> viewed as html5 video.
> Starting from the simplest form "ffmpeg -i 1.mov -vcodec libx264 1.mp4", I
> tried several other commands but none of them worked for me.
> Mainly, I referred the following sites.
> https://www.virag.si/2012/01/web-video-encoding-tutorial-with-ffmpeg-0-9/
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13560852/convert-mp4-to-maximum-mobile-supported-mp4-using-ffmpeg
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15524776/ffmpeg-convert-mov-file-to-mp4-for-html5-video-tag-ie9
> http://superuser.com/questions/438390/creating-mp4-videos-ready-for-http-streaming
> Could you please guide me as how to achieve the required results with
> ffmpeg.
> Thank you in advance.
> N.B: However I was able to obtain the required results with HandBrake
> (convert with 'web optimized' checked) and view it on the browser with no
> problem. But my requirement is to achieve the same results with ffmpeg.
In Handbrake you can watch the “Activity Window” and see which command line options are used. Hope it helps.
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