[FFmpeg-user] converting .mov(MJPEG) to web optimized .mp4(h264)

Lou lou at lrcd.com
Mon Jun 30 17:53:16 CEST 2014

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014, at 03:07 AM, Amila Perera wrote:
>  % ffmpeg -i input.mov -profile:v 'baseline' -crf 35.0 -vcodec libx264
> -acodec libvo_aacenc -ar 48000 -b:a 128k -coder 1 -rc_lookahead 50
> -threads 0 lmno.mp4

* -coder and -rc_lookahead will be provided by the x264 preset ("-preset
medium" being the default if you don't explicitly put it in your
command), so in the vast majority of cases you don't need to add these

* "-threads 0" is the default (at least for this encoder, IIRC), so
that's superfluous.

* I didn't see any audio stream in your input, so audio options aren't
needed for this example.

So adding the suggestions from James and Patrick and using your options
could result in:

ffmpeg -i input.mov -vcodec libx264 -crf 35 -pix_fmt yuv420p -movflags
+faststart out.mp4

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