[FFmpeg-user] Radiostream rip, w/o recoding, irregularly fails

das.t tobias at tonstrom.de
Sat Nov 1 09:38:44 CET 2014

Hi listpeople,

I am trying to swich my private radio recorder from using mplayer to ffmpeg as some tests have resulted in more usable files. Anyway, after having it running for a few weeks now I am facing an issue I have not yet found a solution. As extended internet searches did not help me either I am now seeking help here.

The problem: irregularly I get only a few k sized files from one record job or it stops too early. At another time the same job completes as expected. I have searched for a way to increase the buffer cache but did not find it inside the man.

Is audio grabbing not yet completely mature?

This is the cmd I am using:

ffmpeg -i $streamurl -vn -acodec  copy -t 01:01:00 filename

Any help appreciated. What cmd line are you folks using? I do NOT want to recode because I do not want to  reduce the audio quality even further, just dumpstream.

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