[FFmpeg-user] gas-preprocessor.pl unknown arch: 'ppc'

Pavel Koshevoy pkoshevoy at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 17:34:19 CET 2014

On 2014/11/03 4:00, Pavel Koshevoy wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to (re)build recent ffmpeg master 
> (63e62cfbe23de8b362d94f783668620a2cd2b571) on OSX 10.5 ppc.  I have 
> installed latest (2014-08-12) gas-preprocessor.pl from 
> http://git.libav.org/?p=gas-preprocessor.git
> When configuring the build it still complains and asks to 
> install/update gas-preprocessor.  I am not sure whether this is a 
> gas-preprocessor problem, or an ffmpeg build configuration problem. 
> This used to work.  I don't know when it broke because configuring 
> without gas-preprocessor is non-fatal, so it may have been broken for 
> months and I haven't noticed.
> One thing I've noticed is that -arch ppc doesn't work, but -arch 
> powerpc does:
> $ gas-preprocessor.pl -arch ppc -as-type apple-gas -- gcc -v
> unknown arch: 'ppc'

This happens on line 66 of gas-preprocessor.pl -- it checks the 
$comments dictionary for 'ppc', doesn't find it and gives up.  I've 
worked around the problem locally by adding 'ppc' => '#' to %comments on 
line 17.


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