[FFmpeg-user] Is latm decode with fdkaac possible?

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 21:40:41 CET 2014

Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Andy Furniss <adf.lists <at> gmail.com> writes:
>> Ahh, Ok - thanks for the info.
>> Would be a handy feature.
> Do you have a specific problem with the internal decoder?

It doesn't do DRC so if I want to use my big old stereo speakers (my TV
speakers are crap) to listen to a recorded film it would vary between
being too quiet and too loud.

As I guess you know the default for 5.1 should be full drc applied and
mixdown to 2.0 makes it even more essential as (I believe) the act of
mixing down increases dynamic range.

>> FWIW wanting to use fdk is related to the etsi doc I posted in the
>> other thread.
> The thread was not aac-related and people seem to agree that the dvb
> feature you pointed at is not actually used.

It's the (unparsed by ffmpeg) ancillary data aspect not the specific codec.

>> I was going to try and add some debugging to see what, is any,
>> ancillary was broadcast in the UK (like heavy compression and
>> mixdown).
> The info you pointed to is related to mp2, not aac.

Yes I know, but right next to it is about aac in fact it was searching
for aac stuff that found me that doc.

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