[FFmpeg-user] Errors Compiling FFMPEG on MIPS

C E Macfarlane c.e.macfarlane at macfh.co.uk
Tue Nov 11 22:19:35 CET 2014

JFTR, I've finally managed to compile ffmpeg for MIPSEL UCLibc using a third
method, the second using cross-compilation, and the results were identical
to the previous cross-compilation.

This indicates to me that the problem lies in the ffmpeg source code and/or
configuration itself.

Accordingly, I note and welcome that ...

[mailto:ffmpeg-user-bounces at ffmpeg.org] On Behalf Of Carl Eugen Hoyos
>     The code that was responsible for this compilation
>     problem was removed from the FFmpeg source.

Would that be ffmpeg-2.4.3.tar.bz2?

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