[FFmpeg-user] Parsed_pan_0 This syntax is deprecated. Use '|' to separate the list items

Kimio Miyamura xanadu at apost.plala.or.jp
Tue Nov 18 16:32:34 CET 2014

2014/11/19 0:03, Moritz Barsnick <barsnick <at> gmx.net> wrote: 

> On Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 23:34:27 +0900, Kimio Miyamura wrote:
>>> Please consider sending a patch.
>> Patch for documentation?  Just replace ":" with "|"?
> That's basically it. See attached. Too lazy to format correctly and
> properly send to the correct list right now, with comments. Might do so
> later.

I didn't know which file should be fixed.  That is included in ffmpeg source code!!
Oh, by the way thanks for the patch.  

>> Should I open new discussion about "-ac 2"?  Or continue with this thread?

> If you ask me: Separate thread. ;-)

OK.  I'll do so.

// Miya

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