[FFmpeg-user] Intel QSV-accelerated H.264 decoding

David Cassany Viladomat david.cassany at i2cat.net
Fri Apr 3 14:15:03 CEST 2015

Dear all,

I have read in the ffmpeg change-log that since v2.6 ffmpeg framework
supports Intel accelerated H264 decoding. We are working in project where
we use libavcodec for decoding live rtp h264 streams. I am wondering how I
have to initiate AVCodecContext (or AVCodec) to get this accelerated
decoding working, is there any flag? is it possible to decode to memory, or
it is designed to feed only the system frame buffer?

If has anyone has some hint about it would be really appreciated. We are
really interested in testing this Intel features.

Thanks in advance,

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