[FFmpeg-user] converting broadcast wavs strips xml metadata

Martin Vignali martin.vignali at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 14:23:26 CEST 2015


If i correctly remember you need to use -write_bext 1, in order to create
BWF file.

Best regards


2015-04-19 21:18 GMT+02:00 Dave Rice <dave at dericed.com>:

> Hi Pete,
> > On Apr 19, 2015, at 11:34 AM, Pete Coward <pete at byta.fm> wrote:
> >
> > ffmpeg supports decoding and encoding of broadcast wavs (bwf format)
> > but in my tests it strips the bext chunk from the input broadcast wav
> > when copying it, so not outputting a valid bwf file. is this a bug or
> > is it a configuration issue? i would be grateful for any advice.
> >
> > input file has a bext chunk in aXML format
> > output file has no bext chunk
> The aXML chunk is intended to contain any valid XML document. The bext
> chunk is a rigid list of fixed length strings and dates. Having a bext
> chunk within an aXML chunk would be very unusual.
> The ffmpeg wav muxer supports bext but does not (yet) support the aXML
> chunk.
> > i am using bwfmetaedit (http://bwfmetaedit.sourceforge.net) to verify
> bext data.
> wooo, someone uses that.
> Dave Rice
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