[FFmpeg-user] apad filter in a chain of filters?

Martin Schmidt martin at herrschmidt.tv
Thu Apr 23 15:51:54 CEST 2015

> You should split them into two graphs; and then
> realize that each has a single input and a single output with the same type,
> so you should be using -vf and -af.
Great, that did it! I did not know that it was possible to put multiple filters
after  -vf and -af. That was the reason I used filter_complex. Thanks a lot!!

But this leads to another question:
When I extract the sound track from the video after using the apad filter,
the sound track is sometimes about half a frame longer, sometimes about half
a frame shorter than the video track.
It seems that apad is not exact enough down to miliseconds?

In my case this is important, because I need to create DCPs (digital cinema packages)
from the video and the separate audio track. And for a DCP it is recommended that
the audio track is exactly as long as the total number of frames of the video.

Thanks for your help again!


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