[FFmpeg-user] How to silently ignore inexistent inputs

Yevgen Voronetskyy yevgen.v at webgroup-limited.com
Tue May 19 08:40:11 CEST 2015


I would like to generate a mosaic video from multiple RTMP streams.
I have a working ffmpeg CMD starting with the list of 25-30 online streams:

ffmpeg -i rtmp://server.com/stream1 <rtmp://server.com/stream1> -i rtmp://server.com/stream2 <rtmp://server.com/stream2> … -i rtmp://server.com/stream30 <rtmp://server.com/stream30> THE_REST_IS_OMMITTED

This command works well only if all streams are present.
If one of the stream is dead, the ffmpeg complaints “Server error: Failed to play stream15; stream not found.” and stops.

Is there any ffmpeg option to by-pass inexistent sources?

Thanks in advance,

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