[FFmpeg-user] H264 IP-camera dump causes wrong duration/bitrate

しらせ けんじ kenji at shirase.tk
Thu May 21 04:16:45 CEST 2015

> Is it possible that your camera actually captures at a lower
> framerate at night/in low light condition?

I think framerate is fixed rate.
The probrem is in frame detection.

Talking about the sample, the bitrate at night has bigger than day time 
I think the frame in night doesn't need more bitrate.
That's way I think frame detection has problem.

* http://temp1.shirase.tk/1505151230.mp4
    This file is a sample in day time.
    The duration of this file is 00:01:07.20.
    The bit rate of this file is 3005 kb/s

* http://temp1.shirase.tk/1505152058.mp4
    This file is a sample in night time.
    The duration is 00:00:24.00.
    The bit rate of this file is 5545 kb/s.

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