[FFmpeg-user] ffplay can fading out be forced?

Bill Leahy bleahy at gatech.edu
Thu May 21 04:22:08 CEST 2015

I am working on a simple Python GUI which will play sound effects and songs at the push of a button. Audio only. On Windows. For use in a theater during live performances. 

In general I need to be able to start at some arbitrary location, fade in, play some portion, and then at some arbitrary location fade out over some duration. 

For example given a 1 minute sound clip, start at 4 seconds in, fade in to 80% volume over 3 seconds, play for 23 seconds and then fade to zero volume in 6 seconds. 

I believe given all the parameters for that I could use ffmpeg to produce a file that could then be played with ffplay. 

(If you have a better idea let me know!) 

But one issue I need to address. During a show it may be necessary to end a sound effect early and it should fade out or it will sound awful. Is there a way to tell ffplay to immediately fade out a sound? The fade out time could be prespecified. 


Bill Leahy 

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