[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg --> Create ouput file takes 20 seconds

Sven Van den brande sven.vandenbrande at outlook.com
Sun Nov 1 09:58:10 CET 2015


When i try to convert a http stream (
<> from nextpvr
(tv tuner software) with ffmpeg it takes 20 seconds before he creates
"df313844aed43acb6b26ee95d3023f88.m3u8" file.

I am not a ffmpeg expert, can somebody with more experience help me? Below
you can find the parameters i pass-trough to ffmpeg. And you can also see
what the output is.

When i try to open te stream with "VLC Player" it opens directly, so it's
definitely to do with the parameters i provide. But i really don't know
what's wrong.





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