[FFmpeg-user] Capture from USB Dazzle: Interlaced or not interlaced. FFV1 level3 vs h264

MrNice wxcvbn2006 at iol.ie
Mon Nov 2 11:26:56 CET 2015

I had a closer look on what I did previously.
With FFV1, option -flags +ilme+ildct do nothing. Debug see it but do nothing
=> I'll remove it
Moreover, documentation says:
Apply interlaced motion estimation, Use interlaced DCT (MPEG-2 and
MPEG-4 only)

With x264, debug returns a warning:
interlace + weightp is not implemented

This option is not in the CL.
When I remove +ildct, the warning disappears.

=> I'd guess +ildct is useless, I'll remove it

Let me know what you think
Many thanks

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