[FFmpeg-user] Capture from USB Dazzle: Interlaced or not interlaced. FFV1 level3 vs h264

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 00:13:33 CET 2015

MrNice wrote:

> May I ask for another favour? Could you have a look at this thread
> http://ffmpeg-users.933282.n4.nabble.com/Application-provided-invalid-non-monotonically-increasing-dts-to-muxer-in-stream-td4672326.html

I have seen that but have no idea what the issue is.

Related to this issue I see the debug output just says interlaced and
unless I missed it, not the field dominance which is a shame.

It's years and years since I used v4l to do a tape, mencoder was the
best thing to use then.

I also had to capture sound via mobo and vid via card. This wasn't ideal
for sound sync as the tape was probably not playing at exactly 25fps and
the sound being converted by a different clock to the rest of the PC.
Add in that v4l sometimes lost frames and it made sound sync over time
difficult. I ended up doing short runs and not allowing dup/skip (which
wasn't too bad as it was camcorder stuff). For the few longer runs
allowing dup/skip would keep sync, but the dups and skips were not ideal.

Your non-monotonical issue may well be totally separate from sync
issues, but I think tape capture is hard to do right generally.

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