[FFmpeg-user] maintaining full swing when encoding in 10 bit (want to preserve all values from 0-1023)

Marwan Daar marwan.daar at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 16:30:42 CET 2015

thanks very much Kevin, this is helpful. I'll experiment with this, and 
zeranoe's new build (20151109-git-480bad7) which incorprates zlib. If 
and when I learn something, I'll report back.

> what happens is that there is an auto inserted scale filter used to
> convert from RGB to YCbCr, the auto inserted defaults/features don't
> work for your case you could try explicitly add the scale using
> -vf scale=in_range=XXX:out_range=YYY:out_color_matrix=bt709
> Replace XXX and YYY with 'full'/'tv' and you can control the scaling
> (obviously you should fill in the appropriate matrix values for your
> case).
> It isn't perfect, and depending on your destination you may not get
> full [0-1023] due to some codes being reserved for sync in video
> formats, but this way you may get something closer to what you need
> without needing the recompile.
> Kevin

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