[FFmpeg-user] Specifying Video Stream with V instead of v

Josh Marell macman104 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 20:01:06 CET 2015

Further information.

I have a file that has the proper "attached_pic" property set to 1 for the
mpjeg files. I still tried the ffmpeg command with (-c:V), and it was not
successful for that file either. *However* if I attempt to chop the file to
provide the file to you for testing with:

ffmpeg -i file.mkv -map 0 -c:copy -t 0.5 output.mkv

The attached_pic property is converted to a value of 0.

Please advise how I might proceed best with this. I was also not able to
figure out a method for changing the value of the attached_pic, so if you
have any ideas that would be appreciated (although, for the meantime, it
seems even this will not solve the problem).

Thank you,


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