[FFmpeg-user] Interpretation of ffmpeg errors and repairing them

Ben Stover bxstover at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 18 10:19:33 CET 2015

I investigated the integrity of some *.avi video files with a ffmpeg command like

ffmpeg  -loglevel warning -i <videofile> -f null - 

Most of them are correct but some of them show various errors:

1.) [ac3 @ 0000000002a80800] frame sync error
    Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
    [ac3 @ 0000000002a80800] incomplete frame
2.) [mp3 @ 00000000005654c0] Header missing
    [mp3 @ 0000000002688960] Header missing

3.) [avi @ 00000000004927c0] Format avi detected only with low score of 1, misdetection possible!

4.) [h264 @ 000000000054c700] mmco: unref short failure

6.) [mpeg4 @ 0000000000640400] marker does not match f_code

7.) [null @ 00000000027a2760] Encoder did not produce proper pts, making some up.

8.) [null @ 00000000004bd6a0] Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 0: 12 >= 12

I guess the first two errors are audio-track related, the next three video-related but what are the two last about about?

Which of them can be repaired by ffmpeg WITHOUT full re-encoding?

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