[FFmpeg-user] Exactly one WebVTT stream is needed

Simon Thelen ffmpeg-user at c-14.de
Sun Nov 22 23:25:11 CET 2015

On 15-11-22 at 18:08, Thomas Berberich wrote:
> Is there any way in ffmpeg to convert dvb_teletext into webvtt, so
> Teletext is accessiable on HLS-Stream also?
Looks like if you build ffmpeg with libzvbi you get a teletext decoder,
that should work.
> I'll try to record a Stream in the next days.
> Where i have to send the Video sample, if i have it recorded?
Preferably create a ticket on trac and if the sample is small enough,
attach it to the ticket otherwise upload it to the ftp. [1]

Also, please don't top-post on this mailing list.

[1]: https://ffmpeg.org/bugreports.html#SubmittingSampleMedia

Simon Thelen

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