[FFmpeg-user] Oddshot.tv needs ffmpeg expert for new video projects in the gaming sector

Matt Waltman matt at oddshot.tv
Wed Oct 7 20:00:24 CEST 2015

Hello ffmpeg devs,

Oddshot.tv is a growing startup with a number of internet video related
projects we would like to discuss with a member/s of the group.

Things we would like to talk about:

   - On-the-fly transcoding using ffmpeg
   - ffmpeg as a micro service in a message queue environment.
   - Scalability in AWS
   - FIFO
   - HTML5 video players and skinning
   - Mobile playback on Android and iOS

We can do contract or contract-to-hire so if you are into gaming and are
ready to take a crack at a video related MVP let me know!

matt at oddshot.tv

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