[FFmpeg-user] Errors running 'make check' when openh264 enabled

C E Macfarlane c.e.macfarlane at macfh.co.uk
Wed Oct 21 14:26:42 CEST 2015

Many thanks, please see below ...


>     > --enable-libopenh264 
>     Just to make sure: You know that this is not the 
>     best h264 encoder available?

What do you recommend?

>     > Both './configure' and 'make' complete, but 
>     > 'make check' errors with:
>     The correct way to test FFmpeg is:
>     $ make SAMPLES=fate-suite fate-rsync
>     $ make SAMPLES=fate-suite fate
>     (First one downloads samples, second tests them.)
>     > /home/build/ffmpeg-2.8.1/tests/api/api-flac-test: 
>     > error while loading shared libraries: libopenh264.so.0: 
>     > cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
>     You will have to move the dynamic library that you 
>     built to a directory where the dynamic linker can 
>     find it (or set LD_LIBRARY_PATH) but this has nothing 
>     to do with FFmpeg.

I solved this by running ldconfig to update the cache.  Now both 'make check' and the testing commands you have supplied pass, and I've successfully built and installed ffmpeg 2.8.1, but not yet tested it specifically against h264.

Thanks again.

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